Get Money Online:
No Money and Skills Challenge!

People may wonder: Is it possible to make money online despite not having any skills? What  about a severe or total lack of budget? Is a website necessary? The answer is: Yes, it IS possible!  In this article, I will be discussing in detail the kind of strategy required to start making money  without any of the above and see results even from the first week. Read on to find how! 

Making Money Online: Two Main Problems 

The main method to make money online is to sell a product to an audience. Don’t worry about  not having a product to sell, you can just promote someone else’s product. The solution here will  be to go with affiliate marketing. After that, the second problem you will run into is getting an  audience to promote products to which will contain the bulk of your work. In the following  paragraphs, I will discuss various affiliate programs and ways to get traffic to start your journey  of making money online! In case you find yourself new to the topic of affiliate marketing, be  sure to check out this article first. 

I have to add that probably ninety percent of people reading this will not apply the strategy  consistently enough to see results. I urge you to be diligent so that your initial work won’t go to  waste. If you put in the work, you can make money online starting anywhere from 100–500$ per  month!

Getting a Product: Affiliate Programs 

To make money online, you must first choose a product to promote. There are many affiliate  programs you can use to find a product that suits you. From varying degrees of difficulty to  unique features, each one is great in its own right. I will mention four examples of good affiliate  programs and go into the features of some of them. 

The World-class Affiliate programs 

When speaking about affiliate programs, there is perhaps one name worthy of being mentioned  first. That name is Click bank. It’s an amazing affiliate program with beautiful interphase and  tons of products to choose from. There are all sorts of things from E-books to games and  applications and much more.

All you have to do is sign up, choose a product that you like, and start promoting it! However, it  is possible that it is not available in all countries and that’s why we have more alternatives to go  with! Don’t let any obstacles come between you and making money online. One such alternative  

is a program that I use called CJ Affiliate. If you’ve heard of these big names or even know  about them then you know you only more to win if you give them a try. In case you’re a bit new  to affiliate marketing, the following affiliate programs might be easier to use or get approval for. 

Awesome Alternatives Programs for Making Money Online! 

Making money online can be a tough journey. Maybe you don’t know where to start, maybe  affiliate marketing is too confusing at first. Perhaps the big affiliate programs are too difficult to  use or get approval for. Then what do you do? You fight back with Warrior+Plus!! This is an  awesome alternative for beginners in affiliate marketing wanting to start making money online. 

To see available products just go to Affiliate-> Offers and find a product that suits you.  Whether you’re into music, nutrition, or applications, you will find something that you can  promote confidently. Here is an example of a good product with a high conversion rate of 13%  and 25K+ total sales: 

After you are done selecting a product, click on request approval and write a description of why  you chose to promote this product. It’s always good practice to read about the product first.  Finally, all you have left is to start promoting! Warrior+Plus will provide you with a sales page  to use and you just have to copy the affiliate link into your account. 

Take It Easy with Recurring Commission! 

These are great tools to start your affiliate marketing journey. Still, intimidated? Well, maybe  this next one is for you. Get Response is the final example I wanted to talk about. It’s a very  easy way to start making money online with affiliate marketing where you can get approval right  away. You can even have the choice to get a recurring commission on sales. If you’re unfamiliar  with the concept, it means that for each sale that happens through your affiliate links, you get a  commission every month! 

If you’ve managed to follow up so far, well done! Next up: Traffic

Bluehost Affiliate Program: 

o you want to earn , Bluehost affiliate commissions without web hosting and domain? You can  start making bucks even if you don’t have a large audience. Read on if that’s exciting for you 

In this post, I will reveal how you can benefit from Quora and Medium to earn referral money.  First, you’ll have an introduction to the affiliate program and plans by , Bluehost 

Second, you’ll know why I’ve chosen , Bluehost to earn referral money. 

By the end of this post, you’ll know how you can promote affiliate links on Medium and drive  traffic from Quora , Sounds great? Let’s get geared right now!

Must highlight that Bluehost offers substantial commissions for its affiliates. You can earn from  $65 to $130 per sale. And that’s phenomenally huge! The more you make sales, the more  commissions you’ll earn. It’s that simple! 

I’ve covered the key reasons for getting started with Bluehosts affiliate program, but there are  many more. Let’s get to know how you can earn affiliate commissions without any hosting or  


How to Earn Bluehost Affiliate Commission Without Any Hosting 

If you have a website with substantial traffic, you would like to promote affiliate links there. And  everybody has talked about this in the past. Do you need hosting? Jump on Medium. Want traffic  to Medium? Benefit from Quora. Let me explain it. 

Create the Relevant Content on Medium 

The Medium allows you to publish your content with affiliate links. And that’s awesome news.  But I don’t recommend you to overdo it. The algorithm boosts the popularity of high-quality  content across the internet. That’s why always provide your readers with the value they need. Affiliate Program: affiliate program offers 40% lifetime recurring revenue of the plan’s cost. 

You don’t have to be a paid customer of to promote it, you can simply register for a  free account, get your affiliate id, and spread the word. 

The best part of the affiliate program is unlike other affiliate programs, the cookie  doesn’t expire in 30 days, you’ll get paid whether your referral signed up a day or a year later. 

You can promote using any method you’re comfortable with whether it’s social  media, Facebook ads, Google ads, or SEO.

If your referral chooses the Startup plan you will earn $10.8/month, if they choose the Webinar  plan you’ll earn $18.8/month, and if they choose the Enterprise plan you will get $38.8/month.  And these numbers are per single user. 

If you refer 10 users you’re going to earn between $188 and 388 per month. If you refer 100  users you will be earning $1880-$3880 every month. And if you refer 1000 users you’re going to  earn a commission between $18800-$38800 every month. Of course, thousand users is not that  easy but in the long run, it’s possible, maybe. 

Getting an Audience: Traffic 

The second main problem in making money online using affiliate marketing is getting an  audience. You might have used a lot of affiliate programs and gotten approval on a lot of  products. However, this next step is the more difficult one and will compose the larger portion of  your work. That is not to say that you have to work full-time. Consistency is key here, just  devote at least an hour a day to traffic for at least one week. As for the places to get traffic, your  best bet is to go with forums and Q&A sites. For those purposes, you have Quora and Reddit. 

The Ultimate Q&A Site on the Planet 

Quora is a colossal giant of a Q&A site with over 500 million visits per month with 50% of them  being from the US alone! It’s perfect for affiliate marketing as you can find specific audiences  that fit your choice of affiliate products. It’s truly an awesome place and I have been using it for  over a year to get traffic for my business. 

As you can see, there is a lot of potential to grow online. Now you may be wondering, how will a  Q&A site help you make money online. Your job here will be simple, you will be answering  questions. The key elements here are value and consistency. You will consistently answer  questions related to your affiliate products every day. By answering questions, you are engaging  a specific audience that you need and indirectly sharing your affiliate links with them. Another  way is to use spaces and post small articles related to your affiliate products. 

Make sure to give real value in your answers by reading about the topic of the question. Try  finding new questions and be the first to answer them! In my experience, these have been  tremendously useful in getting traffic. Now, a warning to all of you before you get too excited.  DON’T SPAM! You will get banned on Quora and waste all the time and effort you spent  building your following. Please keep that in mind. 

Polish Your Practices 

If you have understood the above steps then you have truly come far. Before closing things off, I  would like to add some advice on good practice: 

1- It’s best to only share your affiliate links in one out of every five answers to Quora questions. 

2- It’s better to have what is called a landing page whose link you share on Quora instead of  sharing your affiliate links directly. Then you can have those affiliate links on that landing page.  You can use Blogger, which is a free blog by Google.

There is another huge forum site that you can use called Reddit which is ranked 11th in the US  and has around one billion visitors per month. However, it is difficult to use and easy to get  banned from. I don’t use it very often for my own business, but feel free to experiment  (carefully) and see how you can benefit from it. 

Now You Are Ready to Make Money Online! 

Thus far I have shared with you the method of affiliate marketing, how to find products, and get  traffic to your affiliate links. You are now well equipped with the knowledge required to start  making that passive income from your first week. Be sure to work hard and work consistently.  Good luck!