How to Make Money on Instagram: Get Creative and Get Paid

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Making money on Instagram is a dream of many people, but it is misconception that it is hard to earn on Instagram, but earning on Instagram is not that much difficult, but required consistency , quality and efforts. Starting any business required time , efforts , consistency and good quality, same goes to online businesses as well. Instagram has over 1 billion users and 500 million daily active users.

Online business is not a ticket of get-rich-quickly, but plenty of ways available to make this path easier for you to get financial freedom. Anyone with a internet connection and smart phone/laptop can run a successful magical business on Instagram.

In this article I am explaining super easy ways to monetize on Instagram, Create a business profile on Instagram, be consistent and you are amazing, For example, if you post a story on Instagram, you can earn $7; if you post a photo, you can earn $18 if you post a video, you can potentially earn $33.

Here we go , the roller coaster of your online earning is about to begin.

Three Simple Points:

1-Build a Good Instagram Profile

If you don’t have Instagram account, create your profile for free by simply download Instagram app in your phone, now you need to choose your niche and be consistent to your niche and regular in posting photos or video whatever you like to do.

You must posts photos and video which can create high engagement rate, because if your engagement rate is higher , It will skyrocket your success on Instagram.

Here’s what you’ll need to make money on Instagram:

2-Fanbase and Influence

You would need to analyze why would business will pay to Instagram users like us, Actually they need to cater your followers to market and sell their product.

So simple question is that how many Instagram followers you need to have? Few thousand followers you need to have to create an impact, So grow your audience organically.

3-Engaged Followers

If you have a big count of your followership, but your followers don’t engaged with your content and you, The solution of this issue is to create a quality content that fulfil the need of your followers, It can increase engagement rate easily.

And how can you measure that? Not by the number of followers you have, but by the number of people commenting, liking and sharing your content. If you have engaged followers, brands/businesses will be more willing to invest in you to drive their profits through sponsored content.

What You Need to Do to Achieve the Milestone

Now we have discussed the basic requirements of monetization of Instagram account, But how can you do that to build a good profile, to have an thousand followers and high engagement rate as well.

Here comes some more details to make your journey easy.

1-Hashtags Strategy

Hashtags are very nice to create your content discoverable and to reach on it correctly, Well Instagram is allowed to use 30 Hashtags for your posts, but I personally recommend to use 10-15 maximum to impact nicely.

There are many hashtags generator tools, which generate right hashtags lists related to your niche, But you need to filter out from the list wisely. The idea is to target people that are already interested in the subject you are showcasing.

2-Consistency is the Key

To cultivating any relationship in a good manner, you need to interact on regular basis. Be consist on posting your content

According to Tailwind, there is a positive correlation between the frequency of posting and engagements rates, Higher the posting ratio, will lead higher engagement rate and significant follower’s growth.

3- Improve your Content Quality

One of the most important part is always post a high quality post, and never repeat your product pitch, and always be real and on side by your customer , giving value to them will win their hearts and you can create good impression in order to get good followership.

Ways to Monetize Instagram Account

We have discussed some pro-tips to monetize your Instagram account, furthermore here are some other methods of actual earning from Instagram account,

1-Affiliate Marketing

One of the most useful and easiest way to monetize Instagram account, By promoting brands of other businesses that you are in love with or you use them.

Audience would find it helpful when you tell them about discounts and promotions while sharing your affiliate links, You can run campaign with the help of different website for example ShareASale, You can create campaigns for social media , apps and websites by using this tool.

2-Teach What You Know

People love to know about informative things for their enhancement, So you can start teaching and guiding through your account to get strong followership with high level engagement rate.

You can become social media marketing consultant by writing E-books and sell is the great way of monetization.

3-Promote Your Own Brand

Its wonderful to sell your own brand on Instagram by creating your own online store, If you don’t have any brand you can start from your interest by generating the own brand , establish and sell on Instagram , Pick a niche and start selling your own product, you can sell books, toys, clothing , cosmetics, shoes and crookery and easily monetize this way.

4- Sponsored Posts and Shoutouts

As soon as you achieve Instagram Influencer label, you can utilize your influence to promote brands, once you create your good image in your niche , you can monetize Instagram for a smart earning.

Its not easy to become a influencer on Instagram, but working hard, giving time to engage your audience, and consistency can lead you to fulfilment of your dreams.

How to become a Instagram Influencer? You can become Instagram influencer, presenting some tips to follow,

1-Choose your niche

2-Create a noteworthy bio

3-Share your stories

4-Make your Instagram feed appealing

5-Posting content with consistency

6-Choose a right hashtags

7-Get a business account

8-Engage meaningfully

9-Tag relevant brand and contact them

10-Do not buy followers

Hope the above reading will help you in your journey of earning money online , If you have any questions regarding the above article, feel free to ask by commenting below.