Google Ads Tutorial: Profitable Google Ads Campaign

Using Google Ads may be the most profitable decision of your brand journey, Learn how can

Google Ads is a powerful tool to increase the profit of your business by gaining more exposure from the audience. Google Ads is used commonly Ads network that will multiply your money by displaying ads on your site.
You can skyrocket your business revenue by implementing a Google Ads campaign correctly, Here are some helpful tips to ensure you would get the maximum return on your Google Ads campaign. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of your precious time ranking organically on google.

Google Ads v/s Google AdWords

Google provides advertising services for your product and services to its searches, In 2008, This service was named Google AdWords, after that Google AdWords renamed to Google Ads, and Google included more valuable features..

In this guide, You will know about displaying advertisement on google searches, and how your sale will multiply from this ads campaign, which is very much essential for your business.

Step-by-Step: Creating a Profitable Google Ads Campaign

Let’s have a look at a step-by-step guide to starting a Google Ads campaign for your business and how to succeed in this.

Get Started Google Ads Journey

Now, let’s get down to it by following the key steps of a successful campaign, and follow along as I walk you through how to create a profitable Google Ads campaign from scratch.

1– Go to Google Ads and click on “Start Now” 

To start running your ads, enter your billing information first.

For that,

  • Go to settings under ‘Billing.
  • Add your payment methods and manage the billing transfers.

2– Creating your Google Ads campaign

And set your main goal (e.g., Conversions, store visits, brand popularity) and then on “next”.

3– Select your Google Ads campaign type:

4– Copy-paste your brand’s website, channel, or store, and then click next:

Name your Google Ads campaign now and ‘Continue’:

5- Set and evaluate your bid and budget. Go for ‘Manual CPC’ and uncheck, ‘Help increase conversion with Enhanced CPC’.

6- Uncheck search or display network ads:

7- Select the location of your target audience. And check ‘Presence’ only.

Now is the time for you to enter the relevant keywords.

8- Write your creative Ad copy. And increase your ad strength:

It sounds like a piece of cake, but how come would you know what to write in ad copy? Or how to select optimization keywords? It was not an dramatization, when I said; I will hold you on every step. So, I fell down into more to tell you about these steps.

Craft the Best Ad Copy

First step towards making efficient and business like ads to make conversions generate sales, leads, and much more. Now, it’s time to write the details of your ads.

This is the time when your communication and writing skills can create magic in your campaign. There are three headline options available accompanied by two descriptions to make or break the deal.


  • Go for a friendly tone
  • Use concise and catchy words
  • Use strong Call to Action words like Click, Buy, Now, Limited
  • Include keywords that your audience use


  • Sound like you’re pushing too hard
  • Write misleading information
  • Use many click baits words

Ad copy is the key to grabbing users’ attention and making them click on your landing page. Thus, use it wisely. When you are done writing the ad, place your brand’s number at the end so potential clients can contact you quickly.

Keyword Research

The foundation of google ads can be strongly solid and more profitable because keyword research became the best way to bring high traffic, Check out the guide for SEO and why it is important. At this point choose the best and relevant keywords by using different tools for keyword research.

Select relevant and right keywords than choose language of your audience which you target.

Location-based Targeting

Location-based targeting is very effective, small businesses can target their audience at specific locations with their comfortability.

Specifically, target audience may lead to conversions and broad audience always for trust building and recognition.

Setting and Managed Budget

The first campaign is always an experimental campaign for your brand, My recommendation is to go for a low budget for your advertisement because it’s your first experiment, You will learn a lot with this campaign and will manage your budget effectively.

Your first ad campaign is the first step for the betterment of your brand, It is recommended to check the cost and profitability of your brand before choosing the budget for your campaign.

Reviewing Google Ad Campaign

When you have completed all the steps, basic information, payment, keyword, target audience , than google ads will ask you to review your campaign , and edit or change any mistakes and keywords or any thing.

If everything is correct and according to your goal setting, than click next, and add your payment details.

How do Google Ads Work?

Google Ads work under Pay Per Click Model, It means targeting a specific keyword on google and make bids on the google.

  1. Cost-per-click (CPC). How much you have to pay when a user clicks on your ad.
  2. Cost-per-mile (CPM). How much you have to pay per 1000 ad impressions.
  3. Cost-per-engagement (CPE). How much you have to pay when a user performs a specific action on your ad (signs up for a list, watch a video, etc.)

Google takes the bid amount and pairs it with assessment of your ad called Quality Score. According to Google Ads :

“Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.”

Score number having 1-10, 10 being the best score, the higher the number, the higher the rank, and the less you will have to pay. Your bid amount combined with your quality score creates your ad rank on the search result page.

When a user sees your ad and click on it, you will have to pay a small fee for it, Called Pay-Per-Click.

I hope this article helps you to get started with Google Ads, If you have any question, comment below.