How to build a WordPress Website? (The All-in-one Guide)

WordPress powers more than 43% websites overall on the internet.

WordPress Started in 2005, Their network welcomes more than 400+ million people use to view more than 15 billion pages each month. WordPress users publish about 40+ million new posts and write 60+ million new comments each month.

I use WordPress for my website, and I am totally satisfied, Fortunately, its super easy and simple, You will love it.

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will do all the things for you. At the end of this guide , you will be able to create a website with free domain name by Hostinger starter package.

After selecting the domain name, Choose a theme that suits your brand, you can choose from WordPress’s official directory. Now is the time to include power content to make your website valuable.

Simply Wow! Now your website looks amazing, It has a wonderful content and ready for visitors traffic.

Now Let’s go in detail , going through step by step process , it will give you tremendous understanding to do all the things.

Step #1 Select a WordPress Plan

As stated above , First you will have to choose the WordPress plan, Starter Plan is recommended as a beginner, The difference between these plans are monthly subscription fees and access to different tools.

Step #2 Choose Your Domain Name

You are liberal to a domain name, any of your choice. Choose any name which you want, but it must be available and not used by others.

Here are some tips to choose a appealing domain name,

  • Sound unique and attractive
  • Memorable
  • Keep it short
  • Easy to spell and pronounce
  • Words related to niche

You can go to Domain Wheel, It is a free website for generating domain name ideas, It can help you develop more ideas, related to your niche, by simply putting keyword and it will give you thousands of ideas to choose from suggestions.

Step #3 Selecting a Webhosting provider and Free domain name

There are tons of companies offering webhosting services and many companies offering domain name registration services, but wouldn’t it be great idea to take both services from one place.

Hostinger provides you both, sounds convenient!! Hostinger, The hosting service provider gives you reliability

Just jump to the Hostinger website using this link, Click Start Now, and then click Select WordPress starter plan, It is the most affordable plan and offers a free domain.

Make sure you select 4 years terms, It will give you a discount on monthly fees and you will not have to worry to buy again and renew the plan.

After creating of your Hostinger account, and setting up your payment details, It will give you a short questionnaire about your website.

Then, Choose WordPress as your platform for creating your website, Hostinger will take over all the things set up for you by installing WordPress.

Hostinger will ask you to choose a theme for your website, but for now, skip this step until we find the most suitable theme for you in this guide later.

You are about to done!

The Last step is to secure your free domain.

Now the next step will ask you to get a new domain or use an existing one that you own already. Choose the option on the left and a box will appear that allows you to search for a domain name.

We did base work in finding the available domain name in Step 1, Just put it in the box and select.

Here is one thing you will have to take care of, Select WHOIS Privacy for $10/Year, It will secure and cover your details like name, email, and phone number, When security comes, It is good to spend extra cents for it. The option to select it is on the right-hand side below your selected domain. After that just finish checking out and You are all done.

Hostinger will take your few minutes to setting up your WordPress Website.

Once done, Hostinger will take you to to your wonderful and pleasing dashboard, First time you are visiting it after setting up all the thing.

Click Manage WordPress and you’ll be whisked away to the WordPress dashboard.

Now you will see , WordPress has been installed here.

Wow! You’ve your hosting now and secured domain and a WordPress website, So, now you are ready to go! Now it’s time to do it on your own.

Step #4 Choose a Theme or Design

Themes are built-in designs to show how your WordPress website looks at the click of a button. You can change your site appearance by selecting your choice of theme from official directory of

It super easy , just click install and you are good to go. Follow the steps in details.

Go to Themes then click Appearance, and now click on Add new, Write the name of the theme in the search bar you like to install, and then click on the Install button under your chosen theme, After Installing, click Activate to enable the theme on your website.

Your website Looks amazing!

Step #5 Install Plug-ins (It’s Optional)

It is my recommendation to install useful plugins on your site to boost the effectiveness and functionality, Plugins are like your mobile applications.

You can check Neil Patel’s Best WordPress Plugins Guide, Choose the one that attracts you the most, there are hundreds of useful plugins for analysis, to check website traffic and for other functions, you can install for free.

But do not overuse it, too many plugins can slow down your website and you might lose your audience.

Step #6 Add Post and Pages

Now your website is ready to carry high quality content in the form of pages and posts to boost your audience. First add essential webpages like About, Contact Form and Privacy Policy, 

To add a post to your website, go to the admin dashboard, click Posts and then Add New.

You can add a title for your post, place photos, change the format, and insert page elements via blocks and shortcodes. Click Save Draft to save your changes as a draft, or click Publish to immediately take the post live.

Adding a page to your website is a similar process. In your admin area, click Pages, then Add New.

First, add a title to your page. Next, you can insert photos, embed videos, and add content. Follow the same steps to create multiple pages for your website. When finished, click Save Draft or Publish.

Build a Website With WordPress

Superb! Having a quality and great website matters the most. Above mentioned six points can wonderfully launch your website, but it can be great by starting with a suitable domain, CMS, and a reliable web hosting provider like Hostinger to setup and launch a great website.

Continuous posting and improving your site can lead to high traffic to your site and you can easily earn money with your blogging and monetize your website with google AdSense.

Go to our guide to how to make money from blogging, and for google AdSense tips , you can check “how to make money with google AdSense”

Have you launched your website yet?