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5 Blogs That Are Making Money (How You Can Also)

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Have you ever thought to make money from your passionate things? I will tell you how… Writing a blog about your passion is the way to do it.

There’s no specific formula to create a successful blog, but there is only one concept, “to have a unique story” that you’re able to tell. Your blog needs to be interactive or informative so your readers can be loyal to you for something.

The most important thing for the blogger’s success is the traffic and the audience size. However, the audience is not enough if the blogger is not considered an expert in his field.

Some people don’t have a proper plan when they launch their blog. Or, they don’t have good research into their niche, they’re not investing in their blog or they’re not building a team.

Don’t just do something and hope it works out. Have a plan in place. Don’t “wing it.” Set yourself up for achievement. Invest in your blog like your business. Learn how to run a team. Connect with your audience. Set actionable goals. Measure the success of your strategies.

You should have a plan and purpose for your blog. Maybe you want to make money with it. However, it won’t be possible if you don’t show some values to your audience, I hope I’m inspiring you to start a blog and make money on it.

Maybe your blog will not be an overnight success, but the wonderful thing is that you can also make money without a product. I’m sure you’re not surprised by this top blog.

Blogging is not dead, and it’s not too late for you to start your blog.

Huffington Post: How to Make Money Without a Product

As of June 2022,  had monthly organic traffic of 6 million. This was equal to $1.8 million. The value of Huffpost monthly organic traffic may change in the future.

When you compare the revenue numbers, we can say that they are among the top-earning blogs that focus on topics such as lifestyle and wellness. They generate revenue by selling products, but they do not offer any specific products.

Goop: Wellness and Lifestyle

The images represents screenshot of goop’s website

Goop is an online magazine and lifestyle brand. It was inspired by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. She has a lot of followers in both the US and UK. Their slogan “nourish the inner aspect,” reproduces with them. The annual revenue is around $423k.

One of the top three most financially profitable segments on goop is “are mediums real?” The reason behind its success is that its thought-provoking and thought-provoking topics aren’t on other sites, but goop let it have alone that extensive research to support the ideas mentioned.

And the site has ads to support this. Other pages similar to that one bring in money as a result of the topics covered.

Yaro: Building Revenue Through Advertisements

This Image is a screen shot of website named YAROSTARAK

Unlike the two previous examples, the blog Yaro is not a true media publisher, but he makes money through selling advertising space. The data shows backlinks and the use of organic keywords for his strong numbers. Most of his high-ranking positions are not branded.

That means Yaro Starak provides solutions to people who are looking for his expertise on growth and success. He captures people who are looking for queries related to the space – not people who are specifically searching for ‘Yaro Starak’. Having the answers that people need, boosts his rankings, which increases the value of ad space he sells.

Abby organizes: Engaging As A Marketing Tool

Abby lawson organizes a website to share useful tips to organize. People like her blog because they know she’s honest and helpful. She helps them organize their lives. Abby lawson’s site’s organic traffic and its backlinks reflect its web credibility. The 175k backlinks that are displayed on her website and also the top keywords show that she is offering quality information to her audience.

This image is a screen shot of Abby Lawson website

Her organic traffic is reflective of her traffic value. More than 175K backlinks show how credible others deem her site and information. Her audience absolutely trusts her, and that’s why she earns more from her readership and various advertisements. So, her target audience would be happy to follow and trust her paid recommendations. It is a great way to foster your community online.

This image depicts the statistics of Abby’s website

A beautiful mess: Make Money By Helpful Content

A screenshot of the “beautiful mess”, a lifestyle blog founded by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman established this lifestyle blog with a wide range of themes. It is one of the biggest DIY websites in the world, as well as one of the most popular site. It has 4 million backlinks.  People find it credible in regards to making their projects look beautiful and they get the sense that this site offers content that is useful and practical.

Link worthy and high-quality content, is it worth?

Yes absolutely!

Because backlinks are like an honest endorsement for your web page(s). Backlinks are some of the most important SEO ranking factors. To gain more domain authority, You need to link more high-ranking URLs to your web pages.


How these two sisters mix up marketing, affiliate marketing, and ads works. This is all about creativity and their audience is looking to be creative in their marketing methods. Whether they want to get creative in the kitchen or through projects. What’s ideal is that their branded and non-branded keywords are ranking equally.

How you can start making money with your blogs

I am sure that you know how to start a blog, but have you ever considered how to make money blogging? It is not difficult to create a blog, but it is difficult to make money online. Bloggers use many different strategies, some are more demanding than others.

When it comes to income potential, your blog is based on two main variables: your niche and your revenue sources. Once you know your audience, you can explore monetization strategies. You know what is useful for them and what benefits their needs. You want to be monetized for the hobbies that you love and you will be proud of that one day.

You have a specific subject or topic focus on your site, then you can focus on one niche. If you want a general audience, focus on what your competitors have a popular website about. Look for topics where you and your competitors have a common interest.

You can earn money through your blog even if it’s not a fast stream of income. The thing is that we don’t know how fast we can earn money, especially when we start. It might take years before you can earn a lot of money through your blog.


The bottom line is that it can be fun and beneficial to start a blog. but you also need to be realistic, about whether it will be profitable or not. One thing that won’t be easy is to find readers that are willing to contribute to the site. so, ask yourself: am I blogging as a hobby or in a way that yields profit? There are different ways to run a blog, and in this case, you are not running a blog but a site for content. The most common way to monetize is through advertising. your end goal is to go from content for content’s sake to being able to consistently make money blogging.

Once you find a reliable host for your website, you might start building credibility and trust with your audience. Think of what works and stick with it, remember your audience’s needs, and you’ll be able to make money.

Have you considered making money by blogging? Do you find it an effective way of making money? If you have, or if you want to share your experience, you are welcome to comment below.